St. Brigids Day

On 1st February the pupils in the senior room made St. Brigid’s crosses.  The cross consists of a woven square in the centre with four radials tied at the ends. They children enjoyed researching the history of the cross.  It is believed that the crosses are hung over a doorway to protect the house from […]

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10-10 Operation Transformation

There was great excitement in the classroom as the countdown to 10-10 Operation Transformation began.The pupils thoroughly enjoyed doing their exercises with their classmates.  All are hoping to continue doing their exercises on a regular basis.

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Grandparents Day

Grandparents were invited to the school to celebrate Grandparents Day. A large number answered the call.The pupils read out poems and letters showing their love and appreciation.The pupils asked questions about life when they were young.  the grandparents spoke about school life, – subjects and games they played- and life at home, no electricity, transport […]

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