Newsletter January 2017


I welcome back all pupils, parents, and staff to school for the New Year 2017.

We look forward to a busy New Year with many exciting learning opportunities for our pupils.  You can keep abreast of all the school activities on our website www.cullennstipp and Cullen Parents Association Facebook.


Upcoming Activities

  • GAA coaching will continue throughout the year.
  • Zumba lessons began 9th The children are thoroughly enjoying these lessons and they will continue until the end of February.
  • Pupils from the senior room will take part in the Tipperary Credit Union Quiz on Monday 30th
  • School will be closed on 1st February to facilitate an In-Service Day for the teachers.
  • Tin Whistle lessons with Abby O’Connell continue on a weekly basis
  • Our Nativity Play – Baboushka – took place on 20th



  • Keep a vigilant eye out for head lice every week and please contact the school secretary if there is an outbreak and parents will be alerted.
  • Please continue your support of healthy lunches in the school – good habits start young.
  • Keep a check on homework and ensure it is fully completed. This will enable you to keep up-to-date with your child’s progress and where they may be experiencing difficulty in any subject.
  • Dog poo has become a major problem on the school grounds. This is a serious issue with regard to the health and safety of the pupils.  Please keep dogs off the school grounds.


We hope the school year will continue to be a happy and fruitful one for all.


Newsletter  November 2018




For families who may wish to take part in TEAM  HOPE Christmas appeal box.

Enclosed are the steps and suggestions for filling a box.


When boxes are filled you may return them to the school on or before Wednesday 14th November


  • Rugby lessons began 25th October until 7th December
  • Tin Whistle lessons began 6th November
  • Principal of St. Ailbe’s school visited on 7th November – Open Night 15th November
  • 8th November A representative from Clean Ireland Recycling
  • Trip to U.L. Cork Pops Orchestra Friday 9th November
  • On 18th October a clothes collection was held for NCBI. This collection was greatly supported and we are grateful to all who made it such a success.  This was organised to raise funds for the school.


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