The pupils of Cullen NS will begin working towards their third Green Flag next term. This is the Water flag which we hope to earn during 2016/2018 school years. Our school has earned two Green Flags in the last number of years.

The first flag we received was for ‘Litter and Waste’. The Green Team worked very hard promoting recycling and reusing of materials and waste. We have recycling bins and a compost bin for pencil toppings in all the classrooms. We encourage the use of lunch boxes with tightly closing lids instead of wrapping sandwiches in tinfoil or cling film. Another good idea is to use bottles that can be washed out every day and reused for the children’s drinks. Cartons create a lot of waste in the bin.

In school all the teachers are encouraged to use two sides a sheet when photocopying and to use recycled paper where possible.
At home we encourage everyone to wash out all plastic, tin and tetra pack containers and put them in the recycling bin. Another idea for home is to invest in a composter for your old fruit and vegetable waste.

The second flag we received was for the ‘Energy’ theme. Again the Green team got together and briefed all the classes on effective ways of saving energy.
We have ‘Power Rangers’ in every class. They are responsible for turning off the lights every time we leave the classrooms. They also ensure the computers are switched off when we are finished with them. We close the doors in the classrooms as we leave to keep the heat in, and save on energy and radiator usage.
A big energy guzzler is the IWB and we encourage the teachers to be mindful of this.

Music Lessons

Roy Galvin attends our school each Wednesday during the school year when he teaches Tin Whistle to the pupils. The pupils play Tin Whistle at Communion and Confirmation ceremonies and also at the Christmas concert

Quiz club

Each year our pupils take part in various local quizzes
This year we had two teams competing. Well done to our pupils for their great efforts.
From October to May each year we convene a quiz club for the children who wish to participate from 3rd – 6th classes. The participants are given a week’s notice on the topic to study; such as the European Union, Our Solar System, National Flags, etc. and then have a quiz on the topic the following Friday. There are token prizes each week such as certificates but the real aim is on developing the general knowledge of the children and fostering the enjoyment of learning and research.

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